Our production techniques

All our masks we create are realized following the traditional techniques of local Venetian craftsmen. Through study and experimentation we have also developed new decoration techniques, including the use of gold stucco.

The first step in the mask's construction consists of drawing the model. Starting from this we create a clay prototype of the mask than used to obtain the desired shape. We set it aside to let it dry and than we proceed creating the negative mold that will be obtained covering the clay prototype with clay.

Different shapes of paper strips are set down inside of the plaster mold using glue and water. When the glue is totally dry, the papier-mâché mask is finally taken off the mold and colored in white. Once it will be totally dry, the shape of the eyes will be cut.

After this long process the mask is finally ready for all the other decorative elements such as the addition of gold leaf, the barocco stucchi decoration, the desired color or decoration and precise coloration of its details.