History and Presentation of Carta Alta mask laboratory and office

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History and Presentation of Carta Alta Mask laboratory and office.
Our mask laboratory

All masks produced by Carta Alta are handmade, realized combining traditional techniques of local Venetian craftsmen with new explorations into modern and contemporary decoration.

The special handcrafted papier-mâché we use to create our masks, possesses an elasticity and softness that allows it to comfortably and perfectly adapt to its wearer's face.

During each phase of production, Carta Alta is mindful of environmental concerns. All the feathers that embellish our masks arrive exclusively with farm certificates to confirm their sanitation.

Established in 1996, our laboratory has quickly become a standard model of Venetian craftsmanship. In 1998, we revolutionized the gold stucco method that now is used by all of the mask manufacturers in Venice. One year later Carta Alta was born, we were already creating and supplying typical Venetian masks to both the local and the international market. In 2000 our website opened as the first on-line shop for Venetian masks with worldwide shipping. From the beginning our web service and global shipments have received high customer satisfaction ratings. All our original design and creations with our unique artistic-quality masks have delighted our customers.

Carta Alta Laboratory is now located in the Giudecca island of Venice.

Venetian Laboratory
Giudecca 796 - Venice
Phone/Fax +39 041 2771132